Nettex Soya Oil

Keep your horse or pony in top health by supplementing the diet with Nettex Soya Oil. Nettex Soya Oil is a premium grade pure soya oil rich in omega fatty acids that helps maintain healthy skin and coat.


Soya oil can be easily added to your horse’s daily feed, it is a great source of slow release energy and is ideal to provide calories without sugar or starch. Ideal for horses in a full working programme, Nettex Soya Oil provides all the energy your horse needs to work efficiently, yet it’s non-heating so it won’t cause your horse to ‘hot up’ like some high energy cereals can.


Nettex Soya Oil promotes overall health and vitality and is especially great in the winter as a ‘pick me up’ to help maintain condition and coat quality.



Nettex Soya Oil is part of the Nettex Nutrition range. It is a non-GM formula and contains no preservatives or additives.