Ferret Resources Added to Vetlexicon

Ferrets are the latest species to be added to ‘Exotis’, the exotic section of Vetstream’s digital clinical reference service Vetlexicon. 


Exotis was launched earlier this year with guinea pigs the first species to be included.  In adding resources on ferrets, Vetstream aims to address a shortage of up to date clinical information on this species, a popular pet in countries including the USA.   

Vetstream specialises in the provision of digital reference resources to the veterinary sector with Vetlexicon the world's largest online clinical veterinary reference tool.  It offers comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital point-of-care information on the veterinary treatment of dogs (Canis), cats (Felis), rabbits (Lapis), horses (Equis) and exotics (Exotis), together with Practis, which provides advice on all aspects of practice management.

The information is presented in 24 categories, including dentistry, internal medicine and reproduction and includes peer-reviewed detail on more than 106 diseases, together with a wide range of images and radiographs from world-class, highly-respected contributors led by Cathy Johnson-Delaney DVM and nine other leading exotics specialists:

·         David Perpiñán DVM MSc PhD DipECZM MRCVS 

·         Jörg Mayer DVM MS DipABVP DipECZM DipACZM

·         Vicki Baldrey BVSc BSc DZooMed(Avian) MRCVS

·         Sarah Pellett VetMB CertAVP(ZM) BA BSc DZM(Reptilian) MRCVS

·         Bev Panto BSc BVetMed CertAVP(ZooMed) MRCVS

·         Molly Varga BVetMed DZooMed(Mammalian) MRCVS

·         Vicky Strong BVSc BSc MRCVS

·         Claire Speight RVN

·         Caroline Blake RVN

The compliance and education of owners is supported through the provision of 60 owner fact sheets covering the health and welfare aspects of ferrets.


Dr Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream, said: “Exotis is proving a popular resource with our subscribers and we will be adding new species on a regular basis.  Ferrets were a particular priority as current clinical information is in short supply.  We hope the new resources we are offering will assist veterinarians to feel fully confident in reaching a diagnosis and recommending treatment should they be presented with a ferret patient.  Resources on rodents, psittacine birds, chelonians and reptiles are under development.”

In addition to Vetlexicon, Vetstream’s Webpartner service offers a suite of website design, online content and digital marketing services to the veterinary sector.  Vetstream’s Vetacademy service is a user-friendly online learning platform which provides the whole practice team with the ability to search and select from more than 300 courses from the world’s leading training and CPD providers.


Vetstream is a Global Educational Partner and Communications Partner of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), a global community of 105 member associations and more than 200,000 individual veterinarians.