Vets Were Asked To Look Out For Their Own Special Version Of Home Alone Over The Festive Season

‘Home Alone’ might be a much-loved Christmas movie but now premium natural supplements company Lintbells has come up with a slightly different veterinary version.


Their video is one of a series of videos all focusing on various aspects of dog behaviour.

Addressing how pet owners can help their puppies settle when ‘home alone’ and how to spot and help prevent separation anxiety and other behaviour problems.  The Lintbells’ videos are available free to practices who want to share them on their social media, website, or in the waiting room and can be downloaded at

The new videos are an invaluable resource and feature clinical animal behaviourist, Dr Emily Blackwell who explains why and how dogs suffer from separation anxiety, noise phobias, fear of other dogs and anxiety over travel. These are all common problems and take time to explain in the consulting room. It’s intended that the videos are used as a great reminder to reinforce that advice.

The run up to the festive season can be stressful to dogs, with disruptions to normal routines, unfamiliar decorations, noise, visitors and even fireworks to contend with. It’s not unusual for stressed dogs to exhibit destructive or even aggressive behaviours. The videos have been released following on from Lintbells’ YuCALM ‘Happy Dogs, Happy Days’ campaign..

Gemma Cunningham, Lintbells Marketing Executive says the videos feature a mix of preventative advice and tips to overcome behavioural problems, “At this time of year everyone is so busy that the need for pets to have a safe, calm space away from all the celebrations often gets forgotten. Some will need even more support in the form of veterinary intervention for their fears or phobias.

“We hope that the videos are useful to practices who want to reinforce the advice they have given face to face and also in raising awareness of the needs of pets in the lead up to and during the festive season.”


Further information about the various forms of support for practices is available from local Lintbells Veterinary Business Executives, or by calling 01462 514239.