CowSignals Courses Now Available on Vetacademy

A range of courses focused on helping veterinarians to advise farmers on raising happy, healthy and productive cows in a sustainable way has been added to the selection of online training available on Vetacademy.  Vetacademy is a user-friendly platform that provides the whole practice team with the ability to search and select from more than 300 courses from the world’s leading training and CPD providers.  

The new dairy courses have been produced by The CowSignals Training Company founded by Dutch veterinarian Joep Driessen.  The modules are characterised by his enthusiastic and innovative approach to raising ‘happy’ and healthy cows on the basis that they will live longer and be more productive.  Users accessing CowSignals training via Vetacademy can also redeem a voucher for a 50 Euro discount should they wish to purchase any of the training videos.

Vetacademy is a service from Vetstream, a leading provider of digital services to the veterinary profession and recently appointed a Global Educational Partner of the World Small Animal Veterinary Association.  Vetstream also offers Vetlexicon, the world's largest online clinical veterinary reference tool, offering comprehensive, peer-reviewed digital point-of-care information on the veterinary treatments of dogs (Canis), cats (Felis), rabbits (Lapis) and horses (Equis).  Accessible 24/7 on any internet-enabled device, Vetlexicon is a unique resource, which is updated and reviewed by more than 900 of the world’s leading veterinarians.  The CowSignals Training Company is supporting Vetstream in the development of Bovis, the next in the series and the first point-of-care resource for cattle vets, vet students and farmers.  

Commenting on the relationship, Joep Driessen said: “Our aim is to encourage vets and farmers globally to work more closely together because we believe this will enable them to achieve two further lactations from every cow.  We are delighted to be linking up with Vetstream because the company’s support will help us to spread the word more widely.”

Dr Mark Johnston, Managing Director of Vetstream, added: “Vetstream is delighted to be collaborating with CowSignals.  We admire Joep’s excellent training content on the management of cattle and his very real enthusiasm for cow health, welfare and productivity and look forward to working with his team and including his content in our new cattle resource – Bovis, which is now in development.”

The modules can be accessed here: