Bimeda Dairy Production Category Grows With Launch of Tetroxy Vet 

Bimeda UK is pleased to announce the launch of Tetroxy Vet injection (200mg/ml oxytetracycline, POM-V). The range is the latest addition to the company’s broad and expanding dairy-production category.

Head of Sales for Bimeda UK, James Hutchings, commented; ‘the launch of Tetroxy Vet highlights our ongoing commitment to providing UK veterinarians with a choice of high quality veterinary pharmaceuticals at a fair price.’ 

Tetroxy Vet is indicated in the treatment and control of diseases caused by, or associated with, organisms sensitive to Oxytetracycline in cattle, sheep and pigs.

Benefits of Tetroxy Vet include;

High syringe-ability;- the product injects well event at cold temperatures. 

Flexibility- Tetroxy Vet is licensed for use in cattle, sheep and pigs and can be administered to lactating animals

Fast-acting, yet long-acting: Tetroxy Vet provides rapid initial blood levels of oxytetracycline, followed by a long-acting effect.

Tetroxy Vet is available in a 100ml pack size.

Bimeda manufactures a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and animal health products. In the UK, the company focuses on four key categories: dairy production, parasite control, nutrition and equine.

For further information on any Bimeda product, contact your local Bimeda Territory manager or call Bimeda on 01248 725 400.