Portable Hand Washing Facilities

The Mobile Sink company has been providing portable hand wash solutions to the veterinary and medical industry for over 10 years.


The newly launched Odyssey 3000 portable surgical scrub sink has a variety of applications for uses within the veterinary practice.

A portable sink offers you the ability to expand into previously unusable areas within your practice. We all know the importance of hand hygiene with a range of bowls and hands free water dispense with both hot and cold water all options are covered. All that is required is a mains power socket.

The team are on hand to assist with all your hand washing needs where plumbing is expensive or impractical.

The units come with hot water as standard, with an adjustable temperature range between 38c – 48c dispensed in a matter of seconds to wash your hands. The range has 10 models available in different heights to suit either standing or seated positions and different footprints, if space or budget is limited. You can also add accessories such as infrared taps or shower sprays.

The Odyssey 1500 has proven over the years to be the most popular model, with a deeper bowl and hot and cold water options, this is one of the most versatile mobile sinks units.

The newly launched Odyssey 3000 portable sink is designed with all hand hygiene regulations in mind, with a larger bowl for hand and arm wash an extended back splash and a single disposable cartridge soap holder. You can simply transform an unused space into a consultation room.


All units are made from robust easy to clean hygienic 304 grade stainless steel.



Website: www.mobilesink.com