Team Coldfeet is in Pole Position with Photizo®

Team Coldfeet is the joint passion of husband and wife, Kaz and Pete Jones (and their daughter, Hannah). Building a winning reputation in British Sled Dog Racing for over 18 years.


Most recently winning the Silver medal at the European Dryland Sled Dog Championships hosted by IFSS "International Federation of Sled Dogs".

Team Coldfeet is at the peak of its condition: emotionally, mentally and physically.  With generations of their Huskies competing in other winning teams, Kaz and Pete take enormous pride in their Coldfeet line, which has been bred for its conformation, temperament, and stamina.

The couple is also no stranger to the show ring and Crufts where their Coldfeet Siberian Huskies are frequently placed as being quality dogs within their breed, fit for purpose as sled dogs.

In 2013 Kaz Jones met Ruth Milner, MD of Danetre Health, the sole UK distributor of Photizo® Vetcare. Intrigued by the potential of modern Phototherapy offered by the Photizo® device, Kaz immediately decided her Husky team would benefit from regular ‘light therapy’.

Photizo® Vetcare boasts a powerful combination of pre-programmed 31 second doses of pulsating red and Infra-red LED Phototherapy. It ensures a fast delivery of an effective evidence based dose of light /Phototherapy, which speeds up the natural healing process.

Whether it’s for a variety of musculoskeletal injuries, or cuts and grazes, Photizo® keeps Team Coldfeet running in peak performance.

Kaz Jones explained: “Using Photizo’s pre-programmed ‘evidence-based’ 31-second dose couldn’t be simpler.  Promoting circulation to the muscles whilst reducing any inflammation. Photizo® also helps to re-oxidise the key muscles groups prior to and after a race”.

Kaz Jones enthused: “We use Photizo® as a preventative measure, and to heal minor injuries that just happen to Huskies, even if they’re out playing in the garden”.

Photizo® Vetcare works biologically at a cellular level to stimulate the production of ATP: the cellular energy that is needed for regeneration.  It also increases the blood supply to the wound, muscles and joints, reducing inflammation, giving pain relief.

Photizo® is convenient to take anywhere and is simple to use. Unlike a laser light that can pose a risk to the eyes with cumbersome eyewear recommended. With Photizo® LED light sources, there’s no risk. Making it’s application much simpler and safer.

Ruth Milner, Managing Director of Danetre Health Products, added:

“Photizo® is the result of years of research. It uniquely combines the latest advances in LED technology to offer a modern Phototherapy device, which is safe and simple for anyone to use. This is one of the reasons Photizo® is rapidly becoming a popular proactive and reactive therapy tool for any owner or competitor in the world of animal sports, especially when the health and recovery of the musculoskeletal system in their performance animal is paramount.”


With Photizo® Vetcare at hand Team Coldfeet are set to remain in pole position into 2018 and beyond.