Fit-For-Purpose Laundry Equipment from Miele Professional

When busy veterinary practices are processing laundry it is essential that they are equipped with the most suitable equipment to prevent infection and to save time and cost.


Yet research from Miele Professional reveals that almost two thirds of veterinary surgeries use a domestic machine to process their laundry, rather than a commercial one. Commercial machines are a much better laundry solution than domestic ones, for several reasons.

Firstly, commercial machines are designed to help prevent the spread of infection. Miele Professional washing machines have thermal disinfection cycles that ensure the removal of 99.9% bacteria, providing the highest standards of hygiene. Added to this, Miele Professional machines conform to the WRAS CAT 5 regulations, preventing dirty or contaminated water from passing into the mains water supply.

Secondly, commercial equipment provides a more reliable and cost-effective solution than domestic machines. Miele Professional’s washing machines are built to last for up to 30,000 cycles – the equivalent lifetime of over 10 years when used every day for 8 hours. In contrast, even a high-end domestic machine is tested to last just 10,000 cycles, based on only two hours usage a day.

Thirdly, commercial machines process laundry much quicker than domestic machines – a huge plus-point for busy staff within vets’ practices. Miele Professional machines have cycle times as short as 49 minutes, compared to a domestic machine, which typically takes 2 ½ hours to complete a wash.  This gives staff valuable time back to focus on other tasks.

Lastly, commercial machines cater for a variety of different needs. Not only can they handle ‘every day’ materials such as bedding, drapes and gowns, Miele Professional machines come in large capacities and have specialist programmes such as reproofing overalls or washing horse rugs.

Investing in a Miele Professional commercial machine provides the perfect solution for vet practices, giving higher quality results, in a more economical and more efficient way than domestic machines are capable of achieving.

Whitstable Bay has benefitted from investing in Miele Professional machines. After a helpful consultation with a specialist at Hughes Trade, they agreed the perfect choice was a Miele Professional washing machine.


Adam Scutt, owner of Whitstable Bay Vets, said: “I know I can trust our Miele Professional machine for reliability, especially when vs a domestic machine. The cycles are very quick, and it’s so easy to use. Most importantly, it meets CAT 5 water regulations.”