Best practice laundry processes in a veterinary environment

There are several factors a veterinary practice needs to consider when it comes to their internal laundry facilities, ranging from preventing the spread of infection to minimising noise for their patients in a busy practice.


Time and money are important commodities for every practice so choosing equipment which help to make the most of these is essential.


Recent research from Miele Professional reveals that almost two thirds of veterinary surgeries use a domestic machine for laundry, rather than a commercial one, as the benefits of a best practice commercial laundry are not commonly known.


Firstly, commercial machines are designed specifically to help prevent the spread of infection due to their thermal disinfection cycles. Miele Professional washing machines have cycles that reach 65°C for at least 10 minutes, 71 degrees for at least 3 minutes or 82°C for at least 1 minute, ensuring the removal of 99.9% bacteria, providing the highest standards of hygiene. Added to this, under the rules of the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) all veterinary practices should have machines which conform to the regulations for Category 5 to prevent dirty or contaminated water from passing into the mains water supply.


Secondly, commercial equipment provides a more reliable and cost-effective solution for practices over the long term. Miele Professional’s washing machines are built to last for up to 30,000 cycles – the equivalent lifetime of over 10 years when used every day for 8 hours.


Lastly, commercial machines cater for a variety of different needs. Within a veterinary practice, there are a wide variety of items which need laundering, from soiled garments through to blankets covered in animal hair. Miele Professional machines can handle ‘every day’ materials such as bedding, drapes and gowns, and the company’s new range of Performance and Performance Plus machines also have specialist programmes designed for veterinary practices such as reproofing overalls or washing horse rugs.


To find out more information on best practice laundry processes for veterinary practices Miele Professional has created an online CPD seminar:



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