Leading supplier of veterinary products, Vet Direct, has added a range of Aesculight surgical lasers to its product list.


Set to launch the lasers as part of its range at the upcoming London Vet Show, Vet Direct will become one of only a handful of suppliers authorised to sell the surgical tools to the UK market and is encouraging visitors to ‘book a test-drive’ in order to trail the products at the event.


Offering five different models, Aesculight lasers allow for efficient and precise surgical procedures and are proven to reduce the pain experienced by animals in comparison to conventional methods.


The pen-like hand piece and fibre waveguide technology ensure easy access to hard-to-reach surgical sites, and are now used by more than 12,000 physicians and veterinarians across the world.


Leon Wright, managing director at Vet Direct, said: “Using lasers is already standard practice within human surgery and has started to become popular in animal surgery in recent years. Many procedures are now even seen as laser-specific due to the technology which is easy to maneuver, permits quick debulking and cytoreduction, and controls bleeding.


“Our team has received extensive training on the Aesculight range of products and we’re looking forward to bringing them to market in the coming weeks.


“Attendees of the London Vet Show will be able to see the technology first-hand as we’ll have a surgical laser on display, and will be happy to demonstrate the benefits to all visitors.”



For more information, or to book your trial now, please visit or call 0800 068 3300.