Claudia Van Zadelhoff Appointed To A Supported Position At Edinburgh University With BCF Technology Ltd

BCF Technology, leaders in animal imaging solutions are delighted to announce the appointment of Claudia van Zadelhoff to a supported specialised internship and ECVDI residency position at Edinburgh University. 


As an organisation that is passionate about innovation and learning, we at BCF are delighted to announce our most recent venture investing in 3D imaging.  


Forming a partnership with Edinburgh University, we have appointed Claudia van Zadelhoff to a supported position within the veterinary faculty. This appointment involves BCF supporting a specialised internship followed by a residency over five years which will see Claudia working to advance the application of 3D imaging for vets. This will be done through carrying out clinical research on the Epica Pegaso CT scanner. 


Claudia arrives from a large equine clinic in Germany and brings with her extensive experience of Scintigraphy as well as 3D imaging.  

Commenting on the opportunity, Claudia said: “I am delighted to have the chance to specialise in equine diagnostic imaging at the University of Edinburgh in cooperation with BCF technology. The importance of three-dimensional imaging has be-come more and more emphasised in recent years as some pathologies can only be diagnosed with these techniques.

“Thanks to the Pegaso CT we are able to perform CT scans on the standing horse which opens new possibilities in equine imaging. I am excited to work with this new imaging modality and am keen to start the projects as part of the motivated research team consisting of BCF technology and the University of Edinburgh.”

With many more veterinary practices investing in 3D imaging, BCF recognise the importance in investing in this area and the need to continually develop its application in the veterinary industry.  

As well as being able to provide an affordable, high performing, revenue generating stream for vet practices with our CT/MRI systems, we are now investing in the future of 3D imaging by supporting Claudia’s research.  

Claudia will spend some of her time at the BCF Head Office in Bellshill and will also attend exhibitions to meet our customers and understand their needs and how 3D imaging can help them.  

BCF Director Gavin Mitchell is delighted to be supporting Claudia’s internship and residency. He commented:  


“Our aim is to improve the lives of animals and we see such an opportunity using appropriate diagnostic imaging techniques. Claudia and the team at Edinburgh through use of their Pegaso CT will develop new protocols to advance equine imaging through this partnership with BCF.”